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MUSIC IS THE LANGUAGE THAT FULS OUR EMOTIONS. THE MOVEMENT OF MELODIES HIGH AND LOW FILL OUR HEARTS WITH happiness, ambition, and sometimes even sadness. The lyrics to the majestic works of art are merely just silhouettes to the beautiful magic of the melody behind them. Generations have experienced uplifting but regretful hand. My generation has the exposer too many different kinds of music. Some love Rap with its rhythmic energy and high voltage beats. Pop because of its liquid tempo and play on media. Aside from those genres of music I particularly love rock and roll with a bit of acoustic alternative. Tim Reynolds and The Dave Mathews Band are two great examples of alternative rock especially in the concert they did together.. These two musicians are excellent in guitar and musical organization, but they differ too the other show I saw this summer which was Oasis. Oasis is another great example of alternative rock , but unlike the Tim Reynolds and Dave Mathews Band concert Oasis is more known for almost pure chord melodies.

        The crimson light shine aimlessly down at Tim Reynolds as his guitar wales out a tricky melody. Dave Mathews and his band back him up with a smooth sounding electric violin , a rhythmic beat , and a sax that will blow your mind. Tim and Dave rip it up, finger taping up and down the fret board as fast as they can. The concentration of these two guitarists is both deep yet laid back at the same time. The next act was easy to compare.

        Oasis was the next band on my list . Although this is my favorite musical talent I must admit that they do lack the extreme riffs of Tim and Dave. Oasis does have some little measures of guitar lunacy here and there , but the gentle sound of there song :"Wonder Wall" tones your mind set down to a lower tone. Clever lyrics is a signature for both of these performances , truly sounding out the music's intention The acoustic guitar is a well known instrument in both of these artists minds.

        When it comes down to it I really can't choose one for better or for worse. Music sets a mood that is only yours and no one can take it away from you. Music is a whole other language that comes over you in a way words can't. Musicians like Oasis , The Dave Mathews Band , and Tim Reynolds give that fire the fuel it needs to burn eternally. No hate or evil can overcome my love and passion for music.