Music is purely for relaxation. Do you agree?

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Music is purely for relaxation. Do you agree?

I agree to a certain extent. The primary purpose of music is for relaxation. Yet, there are many other types of music that does the opposite. The types of music include, dance music, religious music, spiritual music, ethnic music, children music, Baroque music, classical music and many others. These different types of music have various purposes. Each type of music will invoke different moods in the listeners.

Dance music is produced specially for dancing. In every beat, there is a special movement. The music is for the audience to feel their actions. It is very lively and has an energetic feel. Ballet is a form of dancing in which the audience may feel relaxed while watching the performance. The ballerinas will also feel relaxed while listening to the music and sometimes the music will enable them to improve their performance.

Spiritual Music is used while meditating.

It helps them to relax and relief stress. Spiritual Music is one of the few types of music meant purely for relaxation. Classical Music is favourable among the older generation. It gives them a soothing feeling. Some of the classical music is also known to be able to help you to sleep well. Baroque music, although not widely known, has many purposes. It allows the mind to open up. This is useful for people who are working or studying.

Children music is the most useful in my opinion. Through the songs, it teaches the children different things such as the alphabets and numbers. With the music, the children are able to remember the alphabets and numbers better. Music is also used for special occasions such as wedding ceremonies and funerals. In wedding ceremonies, the music played is jovial and gay. However, in funerals, the music is...