Music's representation, masculinity is one that is very emotional and affectionate. How real and accepted in today's society do you believe this representation is?

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Masculinity is the characteristics and features which society believes a male must have to be a ‘man’. There are many different views to which people believe males must have to qualify as a man. The media has created its own representation of a masculine man and has portrayed it throughout society. The media is everywhere and can possibly be the most influential part of their lives meaning the media’s representation can have many different affects on different people throughout society. A very common and influential source of media is the music industry as it attempts to inform and expose its own artist’s opinions on issues and affairs around the world as much as it does to create music. The music industry consists of many genres and is very broad so it has as many representations of masculinity. R&B music’s representation, especially the boy band Boys2Men’s representation, is quite a unique one in the industry for some would say it is what a ‘man’ must not be, thought others would say that is exactly what males should be.

The music industry attempts to portray their representations through what they sing about, how they sing, and the image they create of males and females. These representations can be described as imaginary, wishful thinking, realistic. There are many aspects to a representation that must be considered to decide what it is. Some parts of society may accept this representation though one representation may be accepted by the majority of society. The most realistic representation does not necessarily mean it is the accepted representation in society. There can be many reasons and explanations to why a particular representation is the most accepted representation. This representation may be how it is today because it is truly the way that males are supposed to be or...