Music Speech Outline (Rage Against the Machine- Sleep Now in the Fire)

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Title: Rage Against the Machine Sleep Now in the FireSpecific Purpose: To inform the audience about Rage Against the Machine, there song titled Sleep Now in the fire and what it means to me.

Thesis Statement: To make the audience more aware of a different band and there historyIntroductionI."The music wouldn't exist without the politics. When we're playing a show, if something clicks for any one kid in the audience - starting that change, that process of thinking for themselves - that's the most potent time Rage Against the Machine can have as a band." A quote by Brad WilkII.Hopefully after my speech you guys learn something new about the band that you didn’t previously know.

III.Today I will talk about the History of Rage Against the Machine, there song Sleep Now in the Fire and what it means to meTransition: Did you guys know that Rage Against the Machine was just on a 7 year hiatus and they just got back together in 2007?BodyI.Rage

Against the Machine was officially formed in 1992 and the band members include Zack De la Rocha, Tom Morello, Tim Commerford, Brad Wilk.

A. There first album was released in 1992 self titled Rage Against the Machine.

1.It went triple platinum thanks to heavy radio play of the song “Killing in the Name”B. There second album was released in 1996 titled Evil Empire and it entered the Billboard’s top 200 chart at number one in 1996.

1)The hit song for this album “Bulls on Parade” was performed on Saturday Night Live in April 1996.

2)They were supposed to perform two songs on SNL but it was cut to one song because the band attempted to hang inverted American Flags from there amplifiers.

3)An inverted American flag means it’s a sign of distress or great...