Musical Autobiography.

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I have always been drawn to music. As a child, I had a fond attachment to music. Music was always being played in my household, whether it was on the radio, the television, or through an instrument. Music has always given form to my feelings. As a child I remember I would turn on the radio, sit on my bed and just listen to random music stations. Although I never had dreams of becoming a singer, dancer or any sort of musician, I have always been fascinated by music. I have been captivated by rhythm and melody since the days my mother would sing me to sleep.

I believe it is my mother who initiated my love for music. As a child I remember my mother would sing while doing the dishes, cleaning and even driving; she blames herself for my annoying habit of needing music for any activity to this day.

My parents tried to get me more involved in music by putting me in a music summer program. Believe it or not, I didn't enjoy it because I didn't want to learn how to play an instrument. Instead, I just wanted to listen to the music being played. I discovered that I am more of a critic than anything else when I listen to music.

As I grew up I found myself listening to Rhythm and Blues (R&B) more than anything else. I feel R&B has a melodic mystery. However, everything from Techno to Jazz captivates me. I think music gives me a unique happiness that nobody understands. I am not certain, but I believe the reason why I love music so much is because it describes to others what your current mood is. For instance, when I listen to Techno, I am in a very happy mood.