Musky Fishing

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this is a descriptive paper on musky fishing It was early April with clear blue bird skies in the forecast. My fishing partner and I decided to go musky fishing. We decided to go to Cave Run Lake to catch the meanest and most aggressive fish in fresh water. Muskies have a long body that can grow up to 60” or bigger. They have a very tough mouth with thousands of teeth that are razor sharp teeth that will cut you in an instant. Even knowing all this I still didn’t believe that these fish would bite such big wooden lures.

When we arrived at the boat ramp it was very crowded with all kinds of boats waiting to launch. Soon as we launched our boat I looked up and saw the sun peaking up over the hills. I was thinking, “This is going to be a spectacular day”. So we took off to go to our favorite fishing spot.

I have decent success in the past throwing big wooden lures in the spring. Throwing these big baits can wear you out by the end of the day. These baits are extremely heavy for fishing lures and can weigh up to 6 ounces. So you have to have to have big rods and reels to cast these lures. Some of the rods look like pool sticks they are so big. But knowing and having all of this equipment couldn’t have prepared for what was to come.

The fishing conditions were very tough. Most guys were throwing small crank baits or spinner baits. My partner and I were convinced that the best bait would be a 8” glider style jerk baits in chartreuse and green. After a day of throwing these baits with no action I started changing up, creating quite a pile of unsuccessful hunks of wood, hair, and metal lying around the bottom of the boat. The wind blew us into a small cove when my buddy had a nice mid 30-inch fish blow up on his jerk bait without making contact. He placed another cast into the same spot, and the bait made it all the way back to the boat when all you know what broke loose. A monster fish well over 30 pounds smashed the bait at boat side. It appeared as if a running fan had been dropped in the lake. After a short but intense battle the beast dislodged itself from the bait. Well, it did not take me long to find a similar looking jerk bait. I started casting an 8” ‘magic’ green Deadhead jerk bait. This large glider was attacked by a 33” and then shortly after a 41.5” musky which made this best fishing trip ever. My buddy Ray caught a 34.5” fish on his green perch Deadhead later that day. Which made a great day even better.

So when the day was finally over I was exhausted and ready to leave. That trip was the best fishing trip I had taken. So if you go musky fishing in the spring don’t always throw what everyone else is throwing try something different and you might have success like my partner and I had.