Muslim women and wearing the veil

Essay by libyangq October 2004

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In my opinion there is no doubt that Muslim women should NOT be denied the right to wear the scarf. Muslims are a part of this society and should not be discriminated against, denied their rights, or shunned to the bottom of the social ladder. I believe that they have the right to exercise freedom of religion in France and everywhere else.

I have many convincing reasons to support my opinion. The new law in France causes many social problems in the world. Many countries have an overwhelming population of Muslims in them, this results in the blending of different cultures and much diversity. Muslim women denied the right to wear the scarf in France causes an out cry for justice amongst Muslims all over the world, resulting in social tensions. Most of these helpless Muslim women are now faced with a vital decision. Muslim Women all over the world can wear their scarves freely, but in France, they are not permitted to wear the scarf in school buildings or in any government facilities if they are an employee.

Due to the major problem they now face, many Muslim women in France have taken off the scarf; they decided that they must sacrifice this one obligation in order to finish their schooling. Others have decided to boycott the law by keeping it on, and some of these poor innocent women face unjust treatment from their colleagues, thus reviving old prejudice and creating new societal tensions. In fact, my cousin, an Algerian Muslim woman who wears the scarf, so happens to live France and was a victim of this type of abuse. We were aware in my family that she was about to face the most important decision. Her common sense told her she had to take off the scarf due...