How Muslims affected Western Culture

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Islam, one of the most wide-spread religions of existence, affected Africa and Europe in several different manners with its Muslim followers. They created numerous changes in these countries through their cultural, scientific, and religious influence. For instance, Islam have introduced several new art styles into Africa, such as their mosques and geometric designs. Politically, they physically conquered Africa, forcing upon it their religious views. Religiously, the Muslims converted the Africans and Europeans with their beliefs in Islam, thus removing the old pagan and Christian faiths. Thus, Muslims have effected and influenced African and European culture in three striking manners, culturally, scientifically, and religiously.

Socially, Muslims have had a profound affect on both Europe and Africa. The Muslims brought with them much of their lifestyle, such as their art. They resurrected mosques and unique types of architecture two these two continents. The most noticeable architectural influence was the introduction of the dome, pillar, and minaret.

Furthermore, Muslims influenced African and European art through their geometric designs. Islam believes that depicting human figures in art is idolatrous, so they only used geometric designs. Thus, they changed the traditional art forms to their new modern ones. Additionally, Islam also changed the daily life of Europeans and Africans. Men could now have four wives at any given time instead of just one. New laws were also created about marriage and several other issues. For example, divorces had several set regulations on the ability to remarry. Women would have to wait several months after the divorce in order to relax and determine the paternity of the child if a pregnancy were involved. Finally, the social scale was destroyed as a result of the incorporation of Islam into one's daily life, for the Koran preaches that everyone is of the same value and status level. The...