Mussolini to Power

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Analyze the circumstances that helped one right winged leader to become the ruler of a single party state.

Benito Mussolini was born raised in a small town in northern central italy. His father was a blacksmith and his mother a school teacher. Due to the low employment prospects in Italy mussolini moved to switzerland when he was nineteen years old. He then became involved in Socialist politics. He returned to italy and started working as a journalist in the socialist press. Italy's enter into world War one lead to his break from the socialist party.

In 1919 Mussolini formed the fascist party that gained the support of many unemployed war veterans, he then organized them into armed squads that terrorized their opponent politicians.

In 1921 the italian government was in chaos, Giolotti Italy's prime minster at the time- managed to form a coalition with Mussolini but it failed within months.

To make matters worse, the liberals were divided among themselves, between 1921-22 three governments were formed, and all three were fragile and unable to introduce the decisive measures needed to cope with the industrial description and collapse of law and order.

Fascist violence increased and went too far and provoked the conservatives to demand that the authorities crash the fascist and restore the law and order. In the spring fascist squads rampaged through north-central italy attacking socialist town councils and trade union property. In may the town council of bologna was actually driven out of office. During july street-fighting took place in most of the northern cities. During this time mussolini talked to the various liberal factions, stressing fascist power but also suggesting that he was far more being a rabid revolutionary. He also implied that he was interested in a parliamentary...