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GROWING WITH THE WEDNESDAY YOUTHS IN 1985 - by volunteer Loo Sew Nam

"I am very sorry for what I have done. I want to change my job. Can you help me to get a job in a welfare organisation?" asked a girl in tears. The girl was beli:ng detained at a police station where I am working as an Investigating Officer. She was under arrest after committing an offence of shoplifting at a departmental store. On her request, I called up the Singapore Council of Social Service. But there was no vacancy of such job. It was the day which changed my life when I seized the opportunity to register myself with the council as a volunteer.

Working as a police investigator has given me constant and extensive contacts with criminals as well as the troubled, unfortunate and disadvantaged people. I have always used these opportunities to council them hoping that they could solve their problems byuhite~~anding ~thetr situations & cl.rcu.mStances;--:- and changing themselves to be better individuals. I have strong interests in religion, philisophy, psychology, metaphysics, prehistory and esoteric sciences. oI- practise yoga, meditation, healing and prayer. I carry out researches into dreams, reincarnation, ESP, mystism, occult and spirituality. I like open space, quietness and privacy. I love children and like to play with them. I am a vegetarian who occassionally take poultry meats and sea foods but not red meats like beef, pork and mutton. I am volunteering with the Singapore Children Society and the Students• Care Service. I am also involved as a leader of the Singapore Nichiren Shoshu Buddhist Association and as a member of the Association of Research and Enlightennient which is based in USA. To perfect my self, to attain cosmic enlightenment, to propagate world peace, and to give my love, care, service...