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Aid Project

My charity, funded by the United Nations, is built on the aims of contributing towards the fulfilment of the Millennium Development Goals (MDG). The MDG, agreed on the September of 2000, covers the main approaches of seeking development. Our charity strives for sustainable development - development which accommodates the urgency of the present people, without, however, compromising the needs of the upcoming generations; this is crucial to make poverty history - keeping the MDG in mind.

Subscribed £2000, we were given a list of potential ways to help Magdu, a village in Eastern Africa. After much consideration, we decided on investing in a dam and irrigation system, costing the full £2000.

As everyone is aware, the lack of sufficient rain in numerous parts of Africa hinders growth of healthy crops. Therefore if we could provide water and hydroelectricity from the dam to the village through, then they would grow better crops and earn their own money by selling it.

This is highly sustainable because in the short term, it will provide food and money, which in the long run will make the village independent: With the money earned from farming, they themselves can provide their village with the remaining things on the list which we were unable to fulfil. They will be able to fund water purification system, healthcare, birth control clinics, school with not one, but many teachers, tractors and other farming essentials etc. Stressing on education, their educated youth could revolutionise their village by opening their own business, increasing trade (and thus decrease debt and trade deficit) etc. "Knowledge makes a man unfit to be a slave." ― Frederick Douglass. If the illiterate are told that an object is blue, when in fact it is yellow, they will believe it because they got nothing to rely...