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Typical Dominican food

1.         Majarete: North typical plate that consists of corn guayado and boiled during hours accompanied with milk and egg.

2.         The Chocolate Water (with Bread): Chocolate bitter, boiled with plenty of water, used very appropriate by the low class, accompanied by a good piece of bread.

3.         The rice with beans: Not to be missed in the table of the Dominican, and of the mocano cooks itself of different ways. It is also what Dominicans call "The Dominican Flag" because the plate is with rice, chicken, and beans.

4.         The plantain: With the one that is prepared the mangú, the mofongo and the cakes in leaf.

5.         The Yuca: With the one that devises, besides the casabe an empanada fills of meat, cheese or chicken called catibía.

As well as frituras diverse and pastelones or chicharrones of hog and stuffed: sausage, butifarra and morcilla are part of the popular foods, all the same as the yaniqueque, torta of fried flour in abundant oil, arepitas of corn and yuca, torrejitas of cod, vísceras of hog and fried chicken or gruisadas, batata fried, mondongo, leg of cow stewed, native stew and other.

Plates of the typical kitchen native are: the rice mixed with beans or guandules is called moorish; the same mixture, but quite juicy is the chambre; the plátano mature, with sugar and cinnamon the plátanos mature al "caldero", and the beans with the ones that a very typical dessert is prepared of Cuaresma called beans with candy

Places of Interets

The places of interest of Moca belong and are located in the center of the city, these places correspond to monuments and parks that have been built all with a historic intention, since the majority of these are allusive to the large men that did like Heroes...