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Lying on the bed, watching the ladies in white delicately hand me my new born baby, a tear rolls down my cheeks, and i say thank you god for the most precious gift u have ever given me. I look deep into the eyes of my cute baby and wonder about how can a person dramatically change his way of thinking.

        Two years ago, i was a carefree irresponsible teenager. The only thing i would ever think of was how to have fun and find the newest in amusements. Many well-brought up men proposed to me, but i was always ready with my typical answer :" Sorry, i am too young, and i am not thinking of marriage for the time being. " . My parents would always try to convince me with the advantages of marrying young. I was never convinced.

        In our society, couples usually get married at a young age.

They have many reasons for that. They find it the shortest way to maturity. Young men and women learn how to take reponsibilities instead of being careless. The young man gets more serious and does his best to find a suitable job to bring up his family. Thus, he studies harder, he goes for higher education. He tries to keep himself up-to-date in this quickly-changing world. Another advantage, those kind of marriages keep the men satisfied preventing them from fooling around here and there. Every man needs some one to take care of him, give him the love, support him. This is what they get when they get married. So, the sooner the marriage, the sooner he feels settled down emotianlly. Hence, the stronger his contribution to his society.

        It is widely known, how young ladies are always in need of someone to love them, give them all the tenderness and warmth. Marriage allows them to get all of that in the right way. She also, feels more stable emotionally. It also helps in setting a target in life and aiming to reach it. Marriage teaches her many responsibilties.

She becomes responsible of a family, thus increasing her feeling of responsibility in other parts of her life rather than famiy.

        The young man and woman, learn to battle against life at an early age, which means more learning, more work, more contribution to the society. It also outlines their personalities freeing them from depending on other people like their parents. Marriage and having children shows them what their parents went through to bring them up and give them the most the can give. This feeling makes them respect their parents more, and respect all what they have done for them no matter what was it or how was it. Then it becomes pay back time. They take care of their parents. They understand their needs, since they themselves are parents now.

        I remember when my husband first proposed to me. I refused him very insistively. He talked to me and tried to convince me, until he was able to. Next thing i knew was that we were engaged, and in a short while we were a husband and a wife at the age of twenty.

        Even then, i was still a bit irresponsible. Although i would take care of him, but i still had this feeling of wanting to be independent, have fun with no limits.

I didn't want a baby at that young age. i always thought that the baby would draw lines to my freedom and i didn't want that. I didn't want to feel committed and not being able to go here and there and come back whenever it suits me because i can't leave the baby for such a long time. The feeling of being a baby myself and in need of care was taking over my mind. So i decided with my husband to postpone pregnancy few years.

        My biggest shock was a couple of months after marriage. I remember listening to the doctor unbelieving what i heard. I was pregnant. At that time, i really didn't want the baby. I wasn't ready for it. Sometimes i would stay up all night crying. I even thought of abortion, but then disregarded it because i knew it wasn't a great idea. I decided to face the reality.

        Pregnancy and having children to the people around me meant alot. They find it the uppermost level of love and caring. They also consider it the continuation of their lives. They prefer to have babies at a young age, so that the gap between the parents and the children would not be very large. Parents whom are close to their children's age are more understanding to their needs. They also live longer with their children. Their children would take advantage of their health instead of having to live with older parents whom are always in need of medical care. Children also bring out all the love and feelings one can have hidden in the heart.

        Now that i have my own baby, i can see how right they were and how wrong i was. I am so happy to get married at this age. I now understand that life is not all about having fun and going out. Life with its work and obligations does have a taste after all. I also realize how empty-minded i was and feel pity for those who think the way i used to.

This moment, the moment i have my baby in my hands, i wonder how this baby changes a person so persistent into a completely different person in moments. I really appreciate what god have given me and will try with all the powers i have given to keep this baby in good health and surround him with the ultimate care. Thank you god, and thanks for all the poeple who tried to help me go through an important phase of my life.