My Bathroom

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ENG 101 Compositions I

Field Rep Linda Rodriguez

26 Feb 02 to 18 June 02

Essay Nine

26 April 2002

The Bathroom

I.Opening Statement/Question

II.Bathroom Description






IV.What I do in the Bathroom

A.Read a book

B.Lay on the Floor


D.Practice Classes


V.How I Feel when I am there


B.Somewhere Else


2.Under Ocean



The Bathroom

Which room is the only room in your house where you are to yourself and no one will bother you? In my house, there is only one room. My children refer to it as dad's office. I have heard this place referred to as the temple of the porcelain goddess. I have spent countless hours in this room. Have you guessed what room it is?

My bathroom has to be one of the prettiest rooms in our house. The floor and the walls are of white tile, which are shiny and clean.

There is a beautiful ocean wave design consisting of three different shades of blue. These waves go around on all four walls and are about a third of the way up the wall from the floor. In the waves, there are blue and yellow striped angelfish and numerous different seashells. There are two windows in the bathroom, both of which have dark blue shades. We have many little porcelain ships placed all over the shelves and a mirror that resembles the steering wheel of a sailboat.

The bathroom has fussboden heizung, a German word that translates to foot floor heater. A thermostat controls the heater. Therefore, in the winter, the room is always the right temperature and the floor is not cold. In the summer, it is always nice and cool due to the tiles, and I can open the...