My Best Friend - The Internet

Essay by leonardtly June 2006

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The Internet "Technology" is the word derived from Greek word "teknologia" from early 17th century, which literally means "science of craft". One can say technology is the wave to future. While it may be easy to think how technology benefits society, we must understand that it is a double edged sword, one that can harm its users just as quickly as it can help them. However; Internet has played vital role in my life and I cannot envision my life without it, because it serves as a time and money saving tool, and it serves as a bridge for faster and hassle free communication with my family and friends. Time and money only seem to matter when they are running out; this statement is true for most of us. I was in the same shoes until I learnt that the Internet can be the best tool for me to save money and time.

Virtually there are several ways to save time and money over the Internet; but, some of my favorites include online banking/bill payment, online libraries, on line reservations. First of all, online banking/bill payment is the best and most essential services offered in the virtual world. By taking advantage of this state of art technology, I get benefits like banking on my schedule at my convenience 24 hours a day. Using online banking services as a financial management tool has definitely saved me a lot of money. The ability to keep track of my accounts and balances closely and instantly has saved me from returned check and non-sufficient fund charges.

Also, services like transferring funds, checking account balances, paying bills from privacy of my home or from anywhere, where I have access to a computer with Internet access adds great deal of convenience in my hectic life between...