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My name is Srishti and I am 14 years old. I am a student in Inlet Grove Community High School in 9th grade. So far, I am doing pretty good in my classes and hope to do the same later on. In the following paragraphs, I am going to talk about my past, present, and future which contains many memories, hopes, and wishes.

        To begin with, I was born in New Delhi, India. I was there until the age of 11 and then moved to the United States. I used to live in Orlando, Florida about 2 years ago. My 1st school in the United States was Apollo Elementary for 6th grade. But then I moved to West Palm Beach after ½ year to Bear Lakes Middle. After a year later, I moved again to Palm Beach Gardens. So my next school turned out to be H.L Watkins which is my favorite school so far.

That might also be because I actually stayed there for about 2 years before going to high school.

        Second, I have tons of hobbies which mostly include reading, watching movies dancing, singing, listening to music. Basically everything that has to do with music is my hobby. Reading is something which really makes English easier for me. That's one of the reasons that my favorite subject is English. I am also a music lover but that doesn't mean that I like chorus. I love the whole music world but it's mainly in my culture/language or a little bit of English, not enough to be in chorus. My least favorite subject would be mathematics. Mathematics would include every concept of numbers. Doing numbers just confuse me which just makes it harder than it really is. Right now, I am in the medical program which is pretty hard,