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My Book Report Title: Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone Author: J.K Rowling Number of Pages: 223 Date Started and Finished: Nov.30 - Dec.5 Setting         This story takes place in modern daytime with modern streets, houses and schools, but there is one that is different from all the rest. It's a large castle called Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. This school is located on a platform (or so people would call it a city) called Platform Nine and Three Quarters. It is in an imaginary world.

The castle is surrounded by the Forbidden Forests that contains wild, vicious beast. It also has a small lake that provides transportation routs.

                The mood through out this book is probably mostly happy. I think this because of all Harry (the main character) accomplishes and his success. I also think the castle / school adds to the mood because despite the fact that it's old and mysterious it still acts as a warm comforting home to Harry and the students through out the school year.

At times it will get disappointing or sad because of a school bully picking on Harry, him disobeying the school rules or getting punished and picked on by Professor Snape, a teacher who absolutely detests Harry. Harry still manages to get by all of this with good results though.

        I feel this story has an active setting. This is because it couldn't have taken place in the real world because people would probably knock down the castle / school and build a real school and the Forbidden Forest wouldn't have existed. Also people would find out about magic and try to learn it on there own and it just wouldn't be the same when people know about the secret that magic really does exist. This is why it must take place in...