My bookreport on Animal Farm by George Orwell, long and descriptive.

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Animal Farm is a book set in the countryside of England. The time period of which this book is set is uncertain, since it is unmentioned anywhere in the book. However, we can gather clues about the time frame of which the book is supposed to be set in. The fact that the farming methods used are somewhat not up to date to today's standards, and that the linguistics they used do not quite resemble today's jargon. Another point to consider was the fact that this book was written in the 40's, so it most likely set in the same time period.

This book is so well written, that very little outside force is needed in this book other than the animals themselves. Although there are no well-known historical events or personalities that are apparent in this book, the book really doesn't need it to keep it going. Although the time period isn't fixed in our minds, it doesn't impair the overall quality of the book at all.

The people in this book are shaped by the times in which they live, in the same way as all of us are. It affects what they eat, how they work, the way they speak and carry themselves. Although, we cannot be sure just how long a duration of time this book covers, but the book does suggest several years. The progression of time does little to affect the animals except for making them age. The book takes us through a great journey, from when humans ruled the Manor Farm until they view the Hippocratic display given by Napoleon, their leader.

The major location where all the action in this book takes place is the Manor Farm. At the Manor Farm, we are taken through the period of the Rebellion, which is...