My Brother

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Soham Parikh

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My Brother

My brother has always been a great influence on my life. I could rather say that if I didn't have his support, I would have not made it this far into my life and career. He is an average sized guy with a family pack (opposite of a six pack) who does not look intimidating but can probably make someone sleep with a single blow. His hazel brown eyes are much like the rawness of the earth deep with confidence and experience but with a playful sparkle. He has the typical wheatish skin of an average Indian and so much curly hair that you expect a couple of sparrows to fly out of it. He has an impeccable and eccentric sense of style that makes his personality businessman-like shrouded in mystery. He walks with a spring in his leg that makes you wonder if he might have been a frog in his previous life.

He is 23 years old and recently graduated with a 3.4 GPA from Missouri S&T completing his Bachelors in Aerospace & Mechanical Engineering. Since childhood, he liked watching the stars and wondering how the universe worked, solving difficult math problems and having a killer instinct that would prevent him from doing anything else until he solves the problem. This fuelled him to dream about what he wanted to be and he went ahead and achieved it. It was like that was the only thing that would him happy. He has always been a very bright child which makes him one of the most impressive students in the whole University. Also, he has various hobbies such as clicking pictures of wildlife and nature (Photography), singing, cooking different varieties of food (Indian, Chinese, American, Mexican) and reading books.

You are probably thinking what makes him "DIFFERENT" from everyone else. The way he does his chores or even his hobbies has a different sense of style i.e. When he reads a book, he doesn't just read it but he tries to find the meaning of every single word, also how the book was written and why did it even exist in this real world, what difference is it going to make on mankind? All this thoughts go through him while he is reading the book so basically I can say that he can multitask in multiple ways. He has an obsession with poems and quotes. Whenever his mind is free, he has this unique way of using the time by writing really thoughtful and deep poems.

My brother is someone who is strong-willed and a family man. He was the one who kept our family glued together during some family crisis. Although being far away studying in the USA, he took care of things back home and made sure that our family does not drift apart. But behind that hard shell, he is very soft and emotional which makes him stand by the people he loves. He is a great friend and makes everyone around him feel very comfortable. But he is not without his share of flaws as that is what makes someone a human. He is a bit of a hot-head, i.e. he has a temper that everyone around him is aware and beware of. He gets angry on small things although it is geared mainly towards someone or something which put him wrongly at fault.

Therefore I would say that he is my role model and I look up to him for a great deal of things. I try to focus on his many positive rather than his rare negatives. He is a one of a kind and genuine person who advises me and corrects me on my mistakes but also pats my back for my achievements. I am very lucky to have him as my brother and wish that he does not change anything that makes him the man he is today.