My Brother Sam Is Dead

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My Brother Sam Is Dead By James & Chris Collier         The five things I liked about Timmy Meeker were his support of his country, distrust of the Militia, love for his family, dedication to his family business, and a positive work attitude. Tim supported the British just as his town and family did. Tim followed the way the people of the town were siding with the war. He felt the Colonists should stop rebelling against the British just for lower taxes. Tim thought that the Militia was wrong because all they were fighting for were just lower taxes. They also were very sneaky and most of the men were uneducated. Tim's love for his family was stronger than his distrust of the Militia. Even though Tim's brother Sam was in the Militia, the Militia put Sam in jail. Tim tried to save Sam by throwing a gun and a bayonet in the prison.

Tim also helped his mother keep up with the tavern (their family business) and he even quit school for it because he knew that he had to do it to keep up. Timmy's jobs at the tavern were bartender, cook, server, farmer and a housekeeper as well. Tim always did what needed to be done and more without questioning. These five examples demonstrate Timmy's great value and character.

                My life today is different from Timmy's life in the Revolutionary wartime in many ways. One way that Timmy's life was different from mine today is he walked everywhere except for very, very long distances (say, 400 some miles) which was when he used oxen. Today, even for going down the block I use my bike. Another difference between Timmy's life and my life today is Timmy did a lot of work around the house including helping keep up with his family's Tavern. Today I don't do nearly as much as Timmy did. Sometimes I make my bed, I walk the dog daily and every other night I either set or clear the table. Timmy's love for his family in the late seventeen-hundreds is no different from the love I have for my family today. His love may have been a different kind of love for his family, but I love my family as dearly as Timmy did. Another Difference between Timmy and me is the support for our country. Timmy supported his country (Britain) very strongly in the war. Today I barely support my country. Sure, I like America, but I'm just not as supportive. During the Revolutionary war Timmy came eye to eye with rebel soldiers and when he saw the kinds of things they did in his tavern or in their training camp set up in his town he grew very offended and distrusted them. Today I would rarely see a rebel soldier from a different country in my neighborhood.. A final difference between Timmy's life and mine are conveniences. In his life Timmy had no electronics, no light bulbs, no electronics activities, nothing that has to do with electricity. In his world people used more imagination and creativity than people do know. This is how Timmy's life is in many, many ways different than mine is today.