My California

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My California

California, generally, is known for it's gleaming sun that leaves people with sun-kissed skin, humongous waves for toned, six-packed surfers, glistening sand on the beaches where girls run around in bikinis, wealthy people crazy shopping on Rodeo Drive, beautiful views and walks on the Golden Gate Bridge, and happiness throughout the state. As jolly, as this sounds, this is only the assumption and stereotypical views for people who lives outside of this state. My experience in California definitely differs from this. Living here separated my family.

My parents were born in Hong Kong in the late 1960's. When it was time for college, they both were admitted to a university in Canada, where they met and dated. After graduating, they courageously moved to California to start a new and better life. On September 17, 1995, I was born in The Children's Hospital. Fortunately for me, my family made the 6 figure annual income so we lived comfortably and pleasurably.

My dad is an IT Technician at IBM and my mom was a clinical manager at Golden Gate OB/GYN. As a toddler, my parents would consistently travel to different places with me, like Disneyland, Disney World, Legoland, Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, etc...

Throughout preschool to eighth grade, I attended Cornerstone Academy, a Christian private school in San Francisco. Being in a strict environment made little rebellious acts, thrilling. For example, sneak texting, or being a minute late to class, or having a note to not go to school that day was considered "bad ass" at the time. Most of the students in my grade grew up together so making friends was never a problem. Since I grew up in a protected and single racial school, my world was like looking at an ocean through a small hole.

It was...