My Car Wreck

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My Car Wreck

It was an early Monday morning in winter, and my cell phone started ringing at 6:00 a.m. sharp. This came as quite a shock to me because it was obviously not my time to wake up. I answered the phone and realize that it was my friend Susan reminding me that I have to be at the auditorium around 7:00. Bleary-eyed, I looked out of my window only to be greeted by a depressing sight; it was dark, foggy, and full of the promise of rain. However, I dragged myself out of bed anyway and proceeded to get ready.

        After being jolted by my morning coffee, I slide in the car and fastened my seat belt. As I pulled out of the driveway, I called Susan and asked her for directions. Not knowing the neighborhood where she lived, it was up to her to give me precise and clear directions.

Being over confident about my driving abilities and how well I could handle the car, I started speeding up in the neighborhood for the clock was ticking, and I was already a bit late. In a blink of an eye, I saw a Blazer coming towards me in the foggy morning haze. In a split second, before I could ever access my options, we ended up colliding. The headlights shone straight into my eyes like strong rays from the sun, and suddenly my body bounced up and hit the top of the car. It was like an extremely hostile tornado attacked me from the inside my car and whirled me around.

        I was out cold for about next few minutes. Desperately trying to recapture my conscious, I looked around and saw that despite the wreck in the middle of this sleepy neighborhood, everything around me was still...