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Remember when you were little and everyone asked you what you wanted to be? Perhaps you answered this question differently each time. From the first time I was asked to today, my answer has always been a fashion designer.

Fashion Institute of Technology not only offers opportunities, but learning expierence as well. Choosing Fashion Institute as my college makes as much sense as Dolce belonging with Gabbana. Not only will Fashion Institute offer me the opportunity to expierence "college life", it also will afford me the opportunity to begin my life long dream of pursuing a degree in fashion.

Fashion, the word itself tells what beauty lies in this field. I eat, breath, and live for it, so why not make a living from it? I have heard several people in my life claim that fashion is hopeless and a waste of time, but those people do not comprehend the meaning of the word.

Using the negative remarks I recieved, I converted them into a catalyst to ignite my passion.

We are fall in love with a hobby . That hobby eventually turns into a passion. I owe my love for fashion to my mother. Some of my best memories are observing her master an outfit, or even taking an adventure shopping. This was my way of entertainment and fun. Over the years, I have found my own definition of the word. Fashion is like a picture; you paint on the clothes visually to perfect the masterpiece.

Along with designing, photography is my other interest. Seeing a person through the lens is only part of the expierence. Actually developing your own roll of film and prints can be so satisfying. From the first time to your hundreth, watching that one perfect picture come to life is all worth the effort...