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For most of my childhood the only time I saw most of my family was on Holidays. Of course sometimes people couldn't show, but not once do I remember someone not showing for Christmas. Everyone was always there no matter what the sacrifice was.

                Christmas was always at my Grandmas home. The house always had a magical look, like a little slice of heaven. The lighting was just right, not to bright not to dark, it gave you a warm, safe, cozy feeling. The Christmas tree had white lights and maroon and gold bows every Christmas.

                When you walked in to the house you heard people laughing people telling jokes, (mostly my dad) and people just having a good time. The T.V. was always on football or the news, you could hear my mom and my aunt in the kitchen TRYING to help my grandma cook. You could also hear some birds and animals moving around outside.

                The feeling I got wile Christmas at my grandmas was a feeling I will never forget. It was always a loving feeling, a feeling you only get when your with the ones you love, a feeling you look forward to everyday, a feeling I miss very much. This last Christmas was the last one with my grandma. We celebrated it with her in the hospital but our spirts where not down, we where still joking and trying to have the best time we could. I have to say her hospital room was the best looking one there. We had a small tree and little decorations all over the room.

                And that is how I have been spending Christmas for the past 13 years. I will never forget all the times my family and I have shared with each other.