My Christmas Tradition

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Christmas is my favorite holiday. It’s the time of year when I accompany my mother, sister or friends to the store to buy gifts for other people. We decorate our homes to bring cheer to our friends and families. We hang our light on the outside of the homes to brighten the spirits of our friends, neighbors, and strangers, who drive by to see the colored lights. This holiday is my favorite because on this particular day I get the quality time to spend with my family, it’s relaxing and personally it brings joy and spirit into my life.

On Christmas holiday, I get a break from school and work, which makes it relaxing because all week I get to do fun activities, and I get to sleep a lot through out the day. During that week I make contact with friends, classmates, former neighbors that I haven’t seen for awhile.

I take the time to go sledding, skating, cross-skiing, and other activities that I find enjoyable. Christmas time is all about caring and sharing, and every year I try to get my family and friends a gift that’s from the heart, these gifts include sleepwear, jewelry, clothes etc. I always set a budget for my Christmas gifts and I stick to it. One of the things that I like about Christmas besides having the time to relax and spend with my family is going Christmas shopping, it’s fun and when you at the mall you get to see all your friends there. The bad thing about Christmas is that there is too much to do and it’s the busiest time of year. Sometimes when this holiday comes around I have to worry about what to get certain people and how much I would spend.

On Christmas Eve I attend...