My Commitment to America's Future.

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"My Commitment to America's Future"

From miles of roads to acres of vast forests, America stands as a land not just of opportunity but of privilege, hope, success, determination, and equality. A nation where seeds were once planted, and now have grown to a forest of many different shapes and colors. Plants, roses, tulips, and sunflowers of all sorts exist and diverge to create what we live in today. As the United States of America had been born with only a small group of courageous, colonizing explorers, this mass of territory must also prosper with the same amount of virtue. My commitment to the future of America is not measured by what I grow up to be... a worker at a fast food restaurant, a doctor, a construction builder, or a lawyer. The dedication of a person should be measured by their loyalty to the country they live in everyday and take for granted the freedom that they may own.

How you plant and care for a flower should be much more important than what flower you planted.

In the future everyday, I plan to wake up in the morning with a smile on my face. While brushing my teeth, I will save water by turning it off when its not being used. While walking to my car, I promise to throw any trash in my hand to a trash can even if that can is two hundred meters away. As I come to work, I will greatly try to act positive and help everyone that I possibly can. When I finish working and am in need of groceries, I will shop at small businesses to help them prosper instead of large enterprises for the growth of the economy and, in some ways, the society. I am willing to, at...