My continued complete refutation of the Bible verse by verse: Leviticus

Essay by Keir April 2005

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I-IX: Rather than subject you to constantly re-reading the same detailed instructions for sacrificing animals to your god repeated ad nauseum (no pun intended), suffice it to say that God demands a clean animal to be slaughtered with the blood spread all over the place before having the body cut up (after the head has been wrung off) and burnt to give a sweet savour unto the Lord.

iii.16-17: Again as in Ex.xii.15&19, you could be put to death for eating the wrong food, this time fat or blood.

iii.16: When sacrificing animals to god, remember that all the fat is the Lord's. That's just as well after all the recent medical reports advising people of the dangers of a high fat diet.

v.2: If someone touches anything unclean (like a dead cow or a bug), including uncleanness of man whatever that is, he will be both unclean and guilty.

v.15&17: Apparently it is possible to sin without even knowing that you have done anything wrong. With that kind of thinking, it makes it more understandable that God should eternally punish humanking because it was so innocent it didn't know not to eat the forbidden fruit until it had done so.

vi.25: If anything inadvertantly touches the dead body of a burnt offering, it automatically becomes holy.

vii.18-27: If you eat a peace offering while being ritually 'unclean' you are to be executed. In addition, you are forbidden from eat fat or blood because only God is allowed to.

vii.25-27: A reminder that if you eat the wrong food you must be put to death.

vii.30-36: These verses provide the proper instructions for wave offerings and heave offerings. It is vitally important that they are read because they are to be performed perpetually by a statute for ever. Oops,