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Final Draft Logan Varnell Expository Writing 1010-089

The articles "Why Cheating Will Never Leave Sports" by Andrew Jordan and " Is there a Normatively Distinctive Concept of Cheating in Sport (or anywhere else)" by J.S. Russell provide similarities and differences between one another by the way they write. The differences between the two articles can consist of genre characteristics such as structure and tone, or just the basic persuasion techniques that both authors use. The similarities between the two articles consist of the point that both authors are trying to get across about cheating, which is that cheating will always be around no matter what.

The structural differences between these two articles can be easily recognized by the way each article is written. Russell's article has a more formal structure to it because it uses traditional paragraphs unlike Jordan's article. Jordan's article contains statements that do not form paragraphs. Everything is more open in Jordan's article, while Russell's article is more secure and broken down into sections.

Russell breaks down each section and gives it a title to give the audience a better idea of what they're about to read about. Russell's structure is also different by the way he sets up his introduction. He accurately explains his point of this article before he even states his case. Jordan eases in his point throughout the article, so by the time you finish, you understand his idea.

In Jordan's article, his tone is very blunt and moderate. Nothing stands out. The article is very straightforward and he doesn't utilize any fluff to gather the audience's attention. On the other hand, Russell uses a more audience friendly vocabulary to create a more compelling tone. "You 'sell' the 'catch' or 'phantom tag' to the umpire"(Russell, 311). The word, 'phantom tag' is an interesting...