My Cousin's Struggle with Muscular Dystrophy

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The way in which my cousin Danny copes and deals with his disease of Muscular Dystrophy is mind boggling to most people. This especially applies to people who are just meeting my valiant cousin for the first time. The situations in which he is put in and the manner in which he deals with most problems are efforts to be respected and looked up to as courageous.

        Sometimes Danny's troubles and complications affect others, such as family members, more than he himself is bothered. If one were to ask Danny why this is so, his answer, without a doubt, would be that he realizes that there is not much in which he can do about it, but let nature take its course and continue his faith in God.        ÂÂ

        The primary and most significant conflict in my narrative is an inner one. It is the way Danny's turmoils affect my emotions.

The way his problems are my problems and the way I must sometimes block them out for myself to be able to go on with my own life. I analyze how he deals with his disturbances and how that relates to my faith in God, and the way I feel about his misfortune. Perhaps I am not as mature or faithful as my triumphant cousin is and that is why I ask the question I believe he should be asking . . . "Why him?"

        The direct participants are mainly myself, and of course Danny himself. However, if one would view this as an internal conflict pertaining to myself, it would definitely be a quarrel between my faith and confidence that when Danny passes, he will be in good hands. Continuing to tell myself that everything will be alright just does not cut it anymore. That used to be...