My creative story of the Iliad by Homer.

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Victory of Manhattan

        The story begins in the northeastern of the United States between two boroughs Manhattan and Brooklyn. The beginning of the millennia brought many conflicts between the two boroughs. New York became financially weak and began neglecting the needs of both of these boroughs. Leading to the corruption of the state of New York. Both cities were organizing groups to maintain what they had left and to steal from one another what they needed. Both boroughs had disrespected each other's "homes" by starting fights, destroying public and private property, kidnapping, and had killed many innocent people to retaliate against one another.

        Jason was the leader of Manhattan, who was commonly known and well respect by his peers and his community. He had been appointed to become a leader because he had achieved numerous of awards for saving many lives and fighting for the well being of his people.

He would put other people before himself and would never give up until justice prevailed.

        On the other side of the Hudson River, lived Nelson who on the other hand was very hostile, arrogant, and unconstructive to his people.

Jason's best friend Anthony thought of an idea to put an end to their devastation. He went into Jason's room to disguise himself as Jason in order to cause an illusion. If Anthony were to die, the others would proclaim victory thinking that they had killed the great leader of Manhattan. And so it had happened that Brooklyn thought they had killed Jason the great leader of Manhattan. In fact both cities thought the same. Although he had risked his life to win victory he could not fight as well as Jason.

When Jason had heard of Anthony's tactic idea he was ashamed and devastated for the lose of his best...