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Have you ever woke up one mourning and thought that there was >something >missing in your life? That's how I have felt most of my life. I remember >my >mom telling me not to worry about it because god will give me what I want >one >day, and I believed her. As time went by I lost faith, what my mom had >told >me was all a lie. I was not ever going to get a dad I told my self.

> As a child I never paid any attention to the fact that I had no dad.

>I >was a kid I had better things to worry about, like was it my turn to ride >the >good big wheel at recess or can anyone beat me around the track. It never >hit me until my elementary started a program called "Doughnuts for Dad".

>Doughnuts for dad I thought, I don't have a dad.

> I didn't grow up in a broken home or anything like that.

My dad was >taken from me; he died from leukemia in nineteen eighty-seven when I was >only >three years old. Too young to have a concrete image of him yet old enough >to >have a vague memory of the little bit of time I did get to spent with him.

> I wasn't lucky enough to do all those things with my dad that the >other >boys did as I was growing up. I was forced to look up to non-worthy family >members because I did not have a father figure in my life and my family was >not there for me much either. It was just my mom and I.

> That thing that I had wished so much for came in 1991 when my mom met >my >step dad. I thought he was the worst dad in the whole world, because I had >never had someone tell me to do this and to do that...