My Dad and I, A comparison between my dad at a young age and I

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        Most of my life I paid little attention to my fathers past. My mother would often freely tell stories humorous or educational from her childhood. I did not realize to as of late that my dad kindly stayed quiet during this time and usually declined when we asked him to tell a story. Even when I asked my dad about his past, he would try to change the subject. After enough pressure, I was able to get most of his childhood out of him and reviewing it, we have many similarities. The biggest similarity, which I knew from the beginning, was our passionate love for cars. Another similarity, which I had to question my dad extensively to discover, was our characteristic to act impulsively and often without thinking about the consequences, it could incur. The last comparison between my dad and I is a difference. As a child I found out, he had very few opinions on any kind of subject.

This is different from me because I have an opinion on almost everything.

        Automobiles serve as a universal language that my dad and I often utilize to converse. No matter where we are or what the situation is a car can easily distract us. My dad learned to be almost a professional mechanic at a very young age. His first two cars were junkyard cars he attained for a very low price and fixed into perfect running condition. He even kept his second car, 1970 SS El Camino, up to a year ago when he decided to sell it. He put uncountable hours in that baby. He put eight different transmissions in it before he found the one he liked and four different engines until he felt it was big enough. I on the other hand am not quite...