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The decision for me to pursue a Master’s in Business Administration was not a decision that was made lightly. My family and I first needed to consider whether this dream of achieving this level of education was necessary and applicable to our future goals and aspirations. The reality is that many of my financial goals for the lifestyle I and my family want to live and experience can be acquired and maintained with my current education. The fundamental decision that tipped the scale towards this pursuit of education aligned more with preparing for tomorrow in contrast to looking at the immediate needs, combined with me having more free time on my hands with my son starting school, as raising him was my first and foremost priority until now. As I enter my 30s, the true applicable nature of this education won’t be needed until my 40s. So it is for the future that I plan.

I have a potpourri of professional expertise from the hotel industries to teaching, to being a governmental liaison; however, I often felt like something was missing; I have always dreamed of having my own small business that would present me with the priceless opportunity to be my own boss, have flexible hours, and most importantly- do something that I love! I was close to materializing this idea when my husband and I opened up our own small promotional company a few years ago. Things were good for a while; we were involved with something we enjoyed, hired people to work for and with us, we felt truly content and proud; however, in less than an year, our events scale became much smaller and we didn’t have many contracts to fulfill; we were lacking the network, contacts and business relationships needed for a venture of that...