My Demons Seven

Essay by LucasBailey June 2005

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"The sin they do by two and two they must pay for by one and one." --Kipling (Tomlinson)

        Ezra Dubois Delacroix sat solemnly on his fold down cot, within his eight feet tall, by eight feet wide, by eight feet deep, solitary prison cell.

        Being partially hunched over his hands covering his blood shot eyes; he wept and reminisced his roller coaster twenty-four years of life. Specifically the last seven years of him being a resident of the Louisiana State Penitentiary.

        The random, noisy, and indistinguishable clatter of the prison echoed outside his cell. Paying no attention, him being safe within his barred shelter; he mentally reviewed his life; his battle against his demons; good and evil.

        He glanced once more at the legal letter he had received just a few weeks ago. He referred to it now as his harbinger of death.

        He could remember clearly the fateful day when he was sentenced by a jury's unanimous vote; to seven years in prison.

He silently chuckled at the irony in the Louisiana justice system at that time; a person multiple people, he gets time in prison, a person kills one person, he gets the death penalty. It made no sense, but yet not much in life did.

        Sadly, fate had hidden an ironic twist for him, his case had been re-opened because of a bureaucratic initiated justice reformation and newly discovered evidence. He was re-tried for four of the seven murders the jury hadn't been able to resolve. With there being a new outcome; he had been re-sentenced. The new charges had amounted to death by the electric chair.

        He had pleaded both silently and loudly, for days after his sentencing to any unknown force to change his fate; he didn't want to die. Not at the age...