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Essay by orleansck March 2004

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Now I'm 40 years but my soul is still young and memories are fresh and I'm sending you a copy of my diary ..

I see the ships are coming! Ship - what a magic word. Sometimes my parents are saying that sometimes ships are sunk, but I don't believe them. And now I'm running down the hill, jump over the small river and I see people walk out the huge ship and that have really strange cloth ... different colors and strange forms and their skin is white!

After that day I saw much ships. Different sizes and forms, names. Even if I was only 13 years old I knew how to read, my queen teaches me that. And she told me that something strange happens in our country. First I haven't notice, but soon started hearsay that people are disappears. No one could understood were and why?

Today our king announced that he just exchange people to sugar, rum and guns.

I couldn't understand how it can be possible? And I went to visit my queen. There she opened me a horrible plan. People in exchange for sugar. From Bristol and Liverpool The ships with the goods for the Western Africa which are sent varied on black slaves. British seldom hunt on us: they take the goods from Negro leaders. Which made attacks on the next tribe or simply they kidnapped. Usually they take healthy young men and women. I was shocked. And family ties nothing mean?

My parents are really worry about me because I was 13 but I looked much older. And they said I need to stay at home all day. And now I'm sitting here writing that stupid diary while my parents could be already kidnap. I'm going to find them!

I awake, because...