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Over the past couple of months or so, I have begun to considering certain things that relate to my life. One thing in particular that has noticeably affected me, is my fourteen-year-old dog Alex, he is approximately eighty two years of age in human terms, in comparison to dog years.

He hasn’t that much time left in this world. Alex was my first friend and also is the longest friendship I’ve ever had in a while, which will come to an unfortunate end eventually (later than earlier hopefully). To begin with he is my pet, but I cherish him like a brother. I feel as if I’ve grown up to a great extent emotionally, while wrestling with the idea of not having him around any more; and how I will remember him further down the road. As a fifteen year old teenager, I sometimes feel entirely grief-stricken when l ponder on the subject of death, and how l will deal with it, but until then it is second to spending time with my trustworthy companion.

More over, I received Alex as birthday present on my Third birthday. My mom and dad bought Alex for me from a pet store in the mall since l always played with the neighbors’ dogs… Before we had Alex my mom had received a female Shi Tzu dog through a friend. Sadly the Shi Tzu passed away as a result of old age; since she was thirteen years old in dog years. With the passing of this dog l had an unquestionably difficult time dealing with her death; evidently it was the first death l had ever experienced which brought up a lot of questions for me since l was a young kid back then. That has made me grow up and mature drastically after...