My dream: cloning.

Essay by manyman November 2005

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Its July 14 2035, I have just been diagnosed of having lung cancer by Dr Peter who is my doctor. My wife whom I just married a year ago and I are horrified as we look at the doctor with sorrowful faces. What do we do next? My dad died of the same disease 30yrs ago. He lasted only a week after he was diagnosed of lung disease. Am I going to die in 1 week and miss my beloved wife and this beautiful world? This and many more questions rush through my head. No the doctor reassures me that there is a way to survive. The _expression on my face changes to that of happiness and I am curious to know the way. Peter reminds me of my clone. Then and there I realize that responsible use of cloning is a mechanism through which the world could be a better place.

Dr Peter lectures me about therapeutic cloning which enables the creation of steam cells, these steam cells are multifunctional cells that can be transported to act like other cells such as brain cells, spinal cord cells, liver cells as well as lung cells. Because clones are identical, the cloned lung cell would be identical to my cancerous lung cell. Whereas a case of a donor organ might not match my affected organ and if this occurs it would result in an immune system response which would be fatal to my health. Moreover, the doctor tells me there are thousands of patients waiting for a right match of donor organs. Luckily for me I have a cloned spare and I would be able to use it. If only those patients where as smart as I was 30yrs ago, they would have cloned themselves and subsequently been able to have...