My Early Years Of Education!!

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Well, everyone has to start an education some time, and some peoples experiences are a little harder and scarier than others. I am going to tell you the highlights of my first years of education and hope that you have a few good laughs and an opportunity to look back an compare your stories to mine.

        First of all, we all have to start off somewhere, and where is a better place to start than with kindergarten. As we all know, the first day of kindergarten is that scariest day of a five year olds life. My first day started off pretty well. I met my teacher Mrs. Gorillic. Besides her name, everything was pretty normal about this teacher. We had reading time where we would all sit around in a circle an listen to her read. After that we would play a game called “My Son John”.

It was a game where a person would take off a shoe and the teacher would give it to another student to hold until the student without the shoe one could guess who had it.

It was a great game and probably the best game you can teach to a bunch of 5 year olds. She did everything else that the other kindergarten teachers did except 12 times better!! She was a great lady.

        The year went on and we learned to write, count to 50, and even do a few easy math problems. We were able to learn to cook simple recipes, raise a few tadpoles into frogs, and even hold our own relay race!! It was a very exciting year for us. But through out the fun and games we did have some pretty strange experiences. One tradition that my school had was the Easter egg toss. We used to package raw eggs the best we could so when the principal would throw them off...