My Eden------A 5-paragraph descriptive essay

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The world is coming alive right before my eyes. The beauty of the land in colorado has many depths to it, and my senses are bubbling with both excitement and tranquility. The sounds, the smells and the sights are amazing. I own the sunrise this morning.

The boulder I am standing on is slippery with fresh morning dew. There is not one person in sight. I see a small stream trickling down the hillside as if it were for the first time. Orange silk blankets the sky; the sun is rising! I can see creatures appearing from their slumber. The trees trun in to a girls best friend as the branches sway and the golden leaves sparkle in the sunlight. There is a quiet rustling sound. I look over and see an innocent rabbit nibbling on some shrubbery. I wonder, is he also warming up in the beams? A shudder of fright jolts through me as I hear the magnificent scream of a mountain lion.

The rabbit darts away in fright. I hear a melody of the mockingbird's song setting the mood for today.

The heat of the sun warms me to my soul. the smell of pine and the crisp morning air cools my lungs. I see a black bear waddling towards the small stream for a refreshing drink; he then walks away in a slovenly manner. My heart begins to beat as I try to manipulate myself down this pick-up sized boulder. When I get to the bottom of the rock, there is a baby bird crying painfully. I look into the kaleidoscope of colors in the trees above me for the nest. No bird is visible from where I am standing on the rocky, moss covered earth. As I walk further, I notice the brilliant light caused...