My electronics assignment about transisters, it has information about the transister and about its history, ( questions from the assignment are included in the text ).

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Electronics: Transistors

When was the transistor invented? By Whom? Where? And Why?

The transistor was invented by three men William Shockley, John Bardeen and Walter Brattain in 1947 at Bell Laboratories. The Invention of the transistor was invented and it could perform all the things that a vacuum tube could do and it was also more reliable and better.

The transistor replaced what other component? Describe the component and explain why it was replaced.

The vacuum tube was replaced by the transistor because the transistor was more better, it was also more reliable cheaper and smaller. The component was replaced because the transistor could do nearly everything the vacuum tube could do, and the vacuum tube after the transistor was invented had no use. The Vacuum tube was invented by Sir John Ambrose Fleming in 1904. The vacuum tube could convert altering current into direct current, and it could convert AC signals into DC signals.

Explain the function of a transistor

A transistor is a small electronic device that can cause changes in a large electrical output signal by small changes in a small input signal. A transistor can amplify weak input signals to make it stronger. A transistor has of three layers of silicon or germanium semiconductor material, each layer to has a specific electrical positive or negative charged behavior. P is for a positive charged layer, N is for a negative charged layer. Transistors are either NPN or PNP, there a no major differences in between them except the polarity of voltages that need to be applied to make the transistor operate.

Types ? There is a variety of transistors. Outline the different types and the roles they play. What are the made from?

The Field-Effect Transistor: The Field-Effect transistor (FET) was made after the junction transistor and...