My experience at a weezer concert

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Live With Weezer

Ever since I have learned about what music is, I have continued to love it more and more. I have evolved enough to be able to develop my own style of music, and be capable of using music in other ways rather than just listening to it. This is what makes music so important and special to me. Attending concerts has become a passion in my life. Thus, by seeing Weezer, one of my all time favorite bands, I am experiencing one of the most significant events of my recollection. I will never forget the way I felt that night.

As we drove into Detroit, the excitement started to rise through my body. My parents, two of my friends, and I were going to see our first Weezer concert. Just exiting my car had me pumped, and I was ready for anything. We all walked speedily towards Cobo Arena, where the concert was being held.

When we first walked in, we handed our tickets to the clerk, and a police officer used some kind of device that sensed weapons and scanned each of us with it. I found this strange but not surprising because this was the first concert I had been to where checking for weapons was required. Since this concert was after the terrible tragedy on September 11, I knew it was necessary, so I didn't mind.

After we were past the security guards, we headed up the ramps to our section of seats. As we were walking, I noticed the many different people that were there. Most people looked like they were between their teen years and their late - twenties. It was obvious to me about which people were hardcore fans, or if they were just dragged along by one of their friends.