My Fascination with Science (Other Awards)

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“Ehh…Jhana, you’re sick. Stop it! I beg you to stop, please. Don’t do it to Mr. Whiskers!”         Overwhelmed by curiosity, I ignored my lab partner's plea and forced open the skull of our fetal cat. Although it wasn't part of our lab assignment, I simply had to see the cat's brain. Lacking surgical tools, I opened its skull with the strength of my hands and the persistence of my heart. After five long minutes, I exposed the cat's brain. Thirty seconds later, our whole class gathered around my lab table to glimpse the horrific scene.

        Needless to say, I am fascinated by science. As a young child, I took apart appliances to understand how they worked, leaving a trail of knobs, screws and batteries throughout our house. Blessed with a curious nature, I appreciate the intricacies of work-saving devices that others take for granted. Through physics and math classes, I've learned how my car engine runs and what powers my computer.

I am particularly mesmerized by the human body, a perfect orchestration of genetics, DNA and cell functions. Despite the body's exquisite design, just a slight irregularity in any organ or system can cause a potentially life-threatening condition.

        My passion for science inspired me to enter several science fairs throughout New York and Connecticut. My paper on acid rain won first place in the 2001 New York State Science Fair and placed third in the national competition. In September of 2002, I won a Westinghouse Science Award for my research on temporary potassium deficiency in long-distance female runners. With my advisor's help, my paper was accepted for publication in Lancet, a respected British medical journal.

        My goal is to pursue a career in medical research, beginning with a biochemistry degree at Cornell. With my inquisitive mind and passion for science,