"My Fathers Noose" Response

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Michael Cowell

N. Bullard

Who am I


Keep your head up, that's what I was told to do. Never really understood that; until now. My name is Michael I am a high school grad and a part time college student. I have a job that I wish I didn't have, I'm in a school that I wish I wasn't in. But I keep my head up. I played Football in high school and a little in college. Maybe stressed over a few things, but I keep my head up. Working real hard to do bigger and better things in life, which I'm sure a lot of people in my position are doing as well. All I want to tell you is, keep your head up.

Football didn't become a part of my life until middle school. Those were the good days. That was when football was nothing but fun.

Then high school came along that was when things slowly started to change. Now it was fun with a job on top of a job. You had to know your assignments on the field and turn in your assignments in the classroom. Those four years were great don't get me wrong, but I wasn't getting the offers that I thought I would. And for the most part it was my fault. I was below a 2.5 GPA basically all 4 years. When my senior year hit I was disappointed with not only myself but my coaches. I had broken my foot the previous year, and one coach was pushing to me to get back on the field and another coach that knew absolutely nothing about football was telling me to sit out. Who do you think I listened to? Surprisingly I listened to the know nothing coach. And this is...