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I can say for sure, that the nicest place for me is our historical town Trier, during the Christmas season. Where could people get themselves more nicely in the mood for Christmas, than at one of the greatest Christmas markets in the oldest city of Germany? The enchanting Christmas fair takes place on our medieval central market and in front of the imposing scenery of the cathedral.

First, the Christmas market attains its special charm by the festive lighting, which stands in contrast to the early start of darkness and sometimes, to the first snow. In 95 wooden small houses, festively decorated, the people can buy things like colored Christmas decorations, handmade wooden toys (like the famous nutcracker), candles, glasses, gifts, pottery and of course our "advent" wreath (a wreath covered with fir branches, 4 candles and festively decorated). The small houses are decorated with fresh, green fir and red bows and some have atached candle-lighted railings and small angels on them.

People can find even small Santa Claus figures and snowmen between the light and the green. Many visitors walking around the wonderful Christmas tree, decorated with Christmas-tree-balls, bows and beautiful lights, eating or drinking some of the specialities, they can buy.

Secondly, juicy, roast sausages, fresh potato pancakes, still warm stolen, spekulatius with almonds, mulled wine as well as other Christmas delicacies, satisfy the visitor's hunger. With all the tasty smells the decision is hard, what to try first. The choice of German Christmas specialties is so bis, that everyone can find something tasty.

Then, a marching band plays on the Christmas fair stage, a trombone choir sings and a puppeteer is acting for the children. Every now and then somebody is reading a Christmas tale for the younger visitors. Then, there is of course our "Nikolaus" (Santa...