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My favorite high school teacher was Mrs. Kappes. She was my music teacher and the leader of our choir, in which I was a member during high school in Germany. Mrs. Kappes was a little, thin woman with black, short hair. She was a great teacher, because she didn´t play favorites, believed in all of us and was a musical genius.

First, Mrs. Kappes had always interesting and creative topics for her music class. And when a topic was kind of boring she had every time an idea to make it fun. We worked in groups in class or at her place. We studied for musicals (like Cats, Phantom of the Opera, My Fair Lady) and every one of us had a part to act and sing. When we finished studying our parts, we had a "creative evening", where all our families, friends and teachers came and watched our play.

Secondly, Mrs. Kappes believed in our musical talents. She invested her free time for giving singing lessons after school or during our brakes. She taught us to be self confident with our voices and how to use different techniques to improve our singing skills. She told us every week, that we all have great talent and it felt really good, that she had such a confidence in our musical abilities.

Finally, I can say that Mrs. Kappes was the best teacher and she really cared about us. She helped every one in her class to improve our voices and be more self confident on stage. Also she taught us techniques, so that we were able to train at home alone. She was the person, who inspired me to make a singing education. I really hope, that there are other teachers like her, who are a inspiration for students and their...