My favourite character in the world of Narnia by C.S. Lewis

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I have read a wonderful, adventure novel. It is "The Chronicles of Narnia": "The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe" by famous writer, C.S. Lewis. The story is mainly about four siblings -- Lucy, Edmund, Susan and Peter who entered Narnia through the door of a big wardrobe, fought and overcame the White Witch's power. They finally saved Narnia from being winter.

The major characters -- Lucy, Edmund, Susan and Peter were hero of the novel. They helped the animals and saved Narnia. But my favourite character is a minor character. He is one of the animals of Narnia. The book described him like that: "He was only a little taller than Lucy and he carried over his head an umbrella, white with snow. From the waist upwards he was like a man, but his legs were shaped like goat's and instead if feet he had goat's hoofs. He also had a tail."

Yes, my favourite character is Mr. Tumnus.

Mr. Tumnus was the first person Lucy met. He was kind- hearted, honest, sacrifice and introspective.

Mr. Tumnus was kind- hearted. When he first met Lucy, he greeted her kindly and invited her home to have some tea.

Actually Mr. Tumnus worked with the White Witch, he brought out a strange little flute which was mage of straw and he played it. The book quoted that, "The tune he played made Lucy want to cry and laugh and dance and go to sleep all the same time." Originally Mr. Tumnus wanted to make Lucy sleep. But it seemed that Mr. Tumnus was very nervous as his tune made Lucy cry and dance and laugh and go to sleep at the same time. That showed that Mr. Tumnus was shamed of being worked with White Witch. He started to feel sorry...