My Favourite Place. Perfect for a year 8 assignment in Australia, a memorable time.

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The plane drops out of the sky on to a long straight runway, the doors open and your are in a place of relaxation. You catch a bus to a hotel, pack your clothes away, and run down the long corridor and down the steps to dive into the deep cold blue pool.

The next sunny day you put on your bathers and walk to the nearby beach were you buy some fresh pineapple, which has just been cut and hire a jet ski. You climb onto a jet ski and fly over the waves, you get knocked off by one of the waves but climb back on eagerly to have more fun. Your time is up and you have to come back to shore watching that there are no people in your path. You step off the Jet Ski and pay the man.

A couple of days pass and it starts to rain, but that doesn't ruin riding the elephants, up a steep muddy hill across a small stream and back down the steep slippery hill.

You climb off the elephant and to show them your appreciation you feed them long curved bananas. It hasn't stopped raining and your standing with your hills in the water. You catch a taxi back to the hotel.

Another few days pass. More hot weather. You have just enough time to dive in the pool to have a relaxing swim and get your hair braided before its time to pack.

The bus is waiting, as you pack your luggage aboard. You get to the airport and get your luggage of the bus.

You board your aeroplane. The doors close and you speed down the runway and life off into the sky. You think what a wonderful time you just had.