My favourite place in the world is in Alberta, Canada.

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I think that the place I call home What is home to me and where is it? Who is there to call it home? Why do I call my choice of home "home"? These questions I have asked myself, but now I have a good idea of where it all began.

Born in the Rockies of Alberta, I have lived there until the age of five or six. So for the past 10 years I have only known of Waterton Park, Alberta to be the place I called "home". A little town just south of Calgary is where I was raised. Many experiences and times where shared there, along with friends, different atmospheres, and different scenery. If I did travel, Alberta would be the one and only place I could think of coming back to when I wasn't able to be there.

We owned 19 acres of waterfront property and built a one-story brick house on it.

The land was long like a rectangle and a road that was used to reach the house split it up. On one side was a handful of grass and in front of that was water. On the other side of the road was a long rocky road that eventually led to the garage of the house. Our house was far from the road for some unknown reason, but it was peaceful as can be and it was no doubt that relaxation lived with us on our land. Nothing but grass covered the ground from the road to the house, which also meant hell for those hot grass cutting days. With 19 acres of land, grass was always a major issue so when we bought the house, we instantly thought of investing in a driven lawn mower. The house was built sideways at an...