My Fear of Darkness (Creative Writing)

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Opening the door slightly, I was greeted with a thick wall of darkness. Peering out into the inky blackness of the passageway, I tried to clam myself down to go down to the kitchen to grab some candles to light up the house. I finally felt ready to go down , as if I was fighting a war with the darkness. As I opened the door, the door seemed to come alive, making a creak sound, warning me not to go out of this room. Biting my lip, I groped around the black darkness. I quickly made my way towards the staircase. Just moments ago, I was still waving goodbye towards my parents when they went to their friends wedding party.

        A cool wind began to blow, causing the leaves to rustle and the curtains to flap madly. I waved goodbye as my parents entered their car to go to their friend’s wedding.

Shivering, I quickly entered the house and carried on watching my program until the lights flickered and went off. The television went crazy and went off too. Telling myself that it was just a blackout, I started to think where candles or torchlights could be found at and remembered my mother telling me there was some candles and matches in the kitchen at second cabinet.

        Darkness so total, it felt oppressive, filled every corner of the room. A cool wind began to blow, causing the leaves to rustle and the curtains to flap madly. The howling of the wind began in earnest causing goose bumps to appear on my arms. went along the wall to reach the staircase. I hobbled quickly down the steps, eager to get to the kitchen where the candles and matches kept. The staircase creaked under my weight.

When I was passing through...