My Feelings As A Turk

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Ibrahim Sayar EN 111 My Feelings as a Turk         First of all, I always feel incompetent if I am not in communication with my mother, father, or else a friend. I prefer to have someone around me sharing the same taste and enjoying the same interests. From this end, ethnicity is an affirmative concern to me. However, I assert that ethnicity is mainly felt through language and social status both at home and abroad.

        Language is the main means of cultural type though, there is much diversity within cultures according to the geographical regions, and language is the common Turkish language. This is an affirmative aspect of ethnicity at least domestically.

        Culture is an area that has direct link with language. People can enjoy their ethnicity only in terms of their culture. Turkey has a rich cultural heritage. People in Turkey have various folklores and related contemporary norms, which are still in effect.

This helps people be sensitive for national issues and unite easily during times of joy and sadness as well. For example, it is custom for a neighborhood to visit a house nearby both in times of joy and sorrow when it is heard.

        A social life is concerned. The well being of the individuals and or families takes particular importance in Turkey. For example, high-income groups live in particular areas of a city whereas lower income groups live in another sections. Both enjoy their specific life style within the general Turkish ethnicity. Though, there is sharp difference in the economic status of the two groups; there is no apparent ethnical conflict in between.

        Part of the social concern belongs to the political life. Though, Turkey cannot be politically well stabilized, no conflict of ethnic origin arises currently. Elections are done in a safe environment. People of opposite political ideals...